Policy Research for Government Call Center - Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO)
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Policy Research for Government Call Center

Policy Research for Government Call Center

Researchers and developers:

  • Dr.Djitt Laowattana
  • Dr.Siam Chaloenseang
  • Dr.Thavida Maneewan
  • Wuttichai Visarnkuna
  • Samartawut Sri U-bon

Project owner:

  • Office of the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Ministe

        According to policies that the government gives opportunities for people to feedback problems in various channels, such as a direct contact to Office of the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, a postal document, a request through communication networks and etc., สปน. then directs the Institute of FIeld RoBOtics (FIBO) at the King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi to study and design a call center system applying modern technologies, for example, database system managements and technologies in call center, in order to eliminate recurrent issues and strengthen the system in such a way that problems could be efficiently solved more rapidly.

            The objectives of the research project are to design the call center system in such a way that enhances the call center to be able to communicate and coordinate with Thai people in problems or issues they would like to discuss, and to design a managing system that networks all associated organization into the same workflow, according to each subject.



Figure 1 Communication channels of the call center


 Figure 2 Links between the call center and the associated organization


       Hence, the major responsibilities that FIBO has to accomplish are researching technology, designing the system and workflow procedures, and creating a Term of Reference covering the following components;

    1. Designing the organization structure for the call center,
    2. Designing the workflow of the call center,
    3. Designing the system that connects to people in all possible communication channel,
    4. Designing a security system for each component of the call center,
    5. Designing the communication network connecting people to the associated organizations,
    6. Designing a knowledge management system,
    7. Designing a database management system using DBMS and data warehouse,
    8. Designing an automatic time schedule planning system for employees, and
    9. Designing a call center overall evaluating system.

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