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Non-Degree Student Application

Non-Degree Student Application

01: Application Procedure and Eligibility

Faculty: Faculty shows intent to offer courses and training for non-degree students

Educational Development and Services Office:

  1. 1. Presentation to Academic Council
  2. 2. Announcement of the council’s decision to schedule the admission

Admission and Recruitment Office:

  1. 1. Application Announcement
  2. 2. Application Procedures
  3. 3. Announcement of Successful Candidate

02: Student ID Request and Enrollment

Office of the Registrar

  1. 1. Students request a Student ID Card.
  2. 2. Students enroll at the university.
  3. 3. The Office of the Registrar provides academic assessment, transcripts, and verifications
  4. 4. The Office of the Registrar stores students’ data in the database

03: Obtaining an ID Card

Student Services Hub

  1. 1. Students obtain a Student ID Card.
  2. 2. Students get information about the non-degree program.

04: Tuition Fee Payment

Students: Set up the payment of the tuition fee

05: Class Engagement or Internship

Students: Show up in class or do an internship

Faculty: At the end of the course or internship, Faculty sends student assessment to the Office of the Registrar

06: Students who wish to continue their studies


  1. 1. Applying as a non-degree group in the next semester
  2. 2. Applying for a KMUTT’s regular curriculum and transferring credits



  1. 1. Tuition Fee 18,000 THB per 1 course/semester
  2. 2. Students must pay a deposit of 4,000 THB per semester as a property damage protection charge.
  3. 3. Other education fees shall be charged following the university announcement.

Rights of a Non-Degree Student

  1. 1. A Non-Degree Student can keep the results of the evaluation of courses or training courses that he/she has enrolled in the ‘Credit Bank’ for up to 5 years.
  2. 2. After the completion of the study or the training course, the Non-Degree Student will receive a transcript or a diploma certificate only, not a degree in any field.
  3. 3. ID Card
  4. 4. Non-Degree Student and will be eligible to use the main library, computer center, health care service, and other facilities of the university.

Transferring Educational Results and Credits

Grades obtained from the courses to be transferred must not be lower than B or S and must be in the student’s database for at least 2 months. The faculty committee will be entrusted to consider each case individually.


For more information, please contact

Education Department, Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Tel. 02-470-9715-6 Email: