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Prospective Students

Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) under King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

is Thailand’s first and only institute which offers bachelor’s,

master’s, and doctorate degrees in robotics and automation.

We develop the curriculum and syllabus by using the approach of Outcomes-Based Education.


Bachelor of Engineering Program in Robotics and Automation Engineering

We aim to produce graduates with strong engineering knowledge and knowledge on electronics, mechanism, and computer engineering who can apply that knowledge to create practical solutions and innovations. The curriculum uses the approach of project-based learning to encourage students to learn and apply knowledge and skills through an engaging experience. Students in a junior and senior year can choose a route that they are interested in. We offer three routes: 1. Work-Integrated Learning for students who wish to work in the industry, 2. Technological-Business Fundamentals for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs, and 3. Advanced robotics and automation for those who want to further their studies.


Master of Engineering Program and Doctor of Philosophy Program in Robotics and Automation

We aim to produce graduates with skills, knowledge, and expertise in robotics and automation systems as well as in-depth research skills. They can use and apply their knowledge to fulfill industrial or academic research and development responding to the country’s needs of robotics and automation systems.

Graduate (TEP)

Master of Science Program in Technopreneurship

We focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge to develop the science-technology oriented competitiveness for Thailand’s business process, entrepreneur, and innovation, especially through the integration of knowledge from a variety of fields, scientific and engineering technology management, business management, and energy and environmental management, which is suitable for Thailand’s environment.