Testimonials - Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO)
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FIBO is a big family. I came here without expectations. I just want to learn and experience but I’ve received so many things along the way, attention from teachers and seniors. I wanted to live up to the teacher’s expectations. At first, it was quite hard. “What am I going to do? It isn’t easy.” But after I tried, nothing is too hard. No matter what, just keep trying. I believe that not only me, friends and other people can do it too. The results depend on how you dedicate yourself and your time to do it. Here, we are always active. I wasn’t that kind of person before. But here, I learned to be curious. I feel like this is a home where I have everything I need, friends, knowledge, teachers, and people who care about me. I just need to try, everything is possible here, that’s how I feel.

Voravee Chanlongrat 

Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Batch 1

FIBO’s teaching focuses on a modular approach and project-based learning. Every semester, we learn and apply our knowledge in real-life contexts. I think, besides academic knowledge, a project at the end of the semester confirms that we have learned something useful and it can be applied to create new works. I also gained experience. Most of the topics given to us are open-ended allowing us to imagine and creatively find solutions. I think FIBO improves my learning process and teaches me to apply my knowledge and research, which are great skills for technology-related jobs.

Tanat Chokatjavatee

Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Batch 1

FIBO gives my life a unique experience. I got to meet different people and different tasks. I need to keep adapting myself and blending in. It is the challenge that makes every day at FIBO unique, new day, new thing. At first, I thought it was a struggle but after I got used to it. It is very fun to solve problems and take a giant leap forwards to improve yourself. I exceed my limits many times here. Something I thought I couldn’t do, after I gave it a try, I realized I can do it. So, I thought if I put my effort into it, I could do anything. I have changed so much after studying here, my attitude, my knowledge, and I have better self-esteem. I have more courage to think. What we have now is what was impossible in the past. Thus, what we are thinking right now may be possible in the future.

Peeraya Pongpanyaporn

Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Batch 1

I decided to study at FIBO because it is the new institute. It seems hard but interesting. After spending years here, I think I made the right choice. FIBO teaches me to think systematically and uses the knowledge to create something new. Moreover, many activities allow us, friends, seniors, and teachers, to bond as a family. I am very impressed by that. FIBO said that you cannot make robots by yourself alone. Working as a team and learning how to collaborate with others is important. Learning the personality and the uniqueness of each member of the group is also important to achieve success.

Penpitcha Wanglawan

Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Batch 2