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Featured Research

Featured Research

Receptionist Robot NAMO

Receptionist Robot OHM

Public Relation Robots for Sirindhorn Science Home

Public Relation Robots for National Science Museum

Robotic OX Player for National Science Museum

Humanoid Robot for National Science Museum

Rescue Robot for National Science Museum

Two-Legged, Humanoid Robot “Somjook”

Humanoid (Kid Size)

Life Saver Robot in Collapsed Buildings

Installment of Floodgate Control

Design and Construction of Small UAV

Development of Control System of USV

Basketball-Shooting Robot for National Science Museum

Carbon Footprint Tracking for Low Carbon Society

Modular Snake Robot

Multi-Touch Table Interface

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Intelligent Vehicle “Dark Horse”

Study of Movements of Modular Snake Robot

Variable-Damper Knee Prosthesis

‘Sensible Tab’ Arm Rehabilitation Robot