The Exhibition “ROBOT” Machine Intelligence - Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO)
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The Exhibition “ROBOT” Machine Intelligence

Project The Exhibition “ROBOT” Machine Intelligence
Researcher Dr. Thavida Maneewarn, Todsaporn Boontae, Komgrid Thipgesorn, Boonlert Maneechai,
Ekkaluck Supamanee, Pongsakorn Polchankajorn, Amnaj Budsongka,
Najpong Keawlek, Tunniti Khunnitiwarawat
Research Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO)
Funding National Science Museum
Published Year November 2012
Keyword Robot


Robots are an innovative product that is the systematic combination of science, technology and other fields. Moreover, robots have such a distinctive look that catches people’s attention. Thus, it is an interesting idea to have robots teach children about various mechanical systems, science, and technology that they have.

Therefore, the National Science Museum, which is an agency that develops and manages science-related museums in Thailand, aims to give scientific and technological knowledge to children through robots. Thus, they planned to create a permanent exhibition on robots titled “ROBOT Machine Intelligence Exhibition”, which will show the internal structure of the robot, the operation of various mechanisms, control systems, and robots’ accuracy and intelligence.

The Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) was assigned to design and build robots that will act as media for visitors to learn about science and technology. The research team has designed and built five robots in this project.


A humanoid robot is a robot that shows the internal structure of the robot. The mechanism inside is clearly seen. It looks like a human and move with ten pre-programmed gestures and sound effects.


A receptionist robot is a robot who presents the robot exhibition to the public and move in a controlled direction to interact with visitors. There is an LED light in the robot’s eyes to show its emotions, a built-in screen on the body to tell the story, and a webcam on its head that can send images to the screen.


An automatic robotic arm shows the accuracy and repeatability of a robot that are two strengths contributing to the industry’s demand for robots. The robot’s strengths are shown through basketball playing, a way that is easy to understand for visitors. The robot will automatically throw the basketball into the hoop at the target position. This action requires a lot of accuracy in targeting, setting a direction, and evaluating a proper force to throw the basketball.


A hand-controlled robotic arm is a robot that shows the intelligence of command and control systems as well as the robot’s ability to think and make a decision. The robot can play the OX game with participants. The robot will pick up the block and place it on the board automatically while alternating with the task of placing a block in the desired spot by the command of participants.


Rescue robot is a robot that has the ability to overcome obstacles and apply sensors to evaluate circumstances. The robot will be programmed to go to the destination while using the installed cameras and sensors to explore surroundings.