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Industrial Services

At FIBO, we do not design problems. Problems design FIBO.


We offer analysis and strategy planning for technology management including robotics, automation, and information technology.

Design and Test

We design software and hardware and test them to guarantee that they serve the purposes.

Development and Modelling

We make models of technology or product and develop them to be ready for the market or business purposes.

About Us

FIBO’s industrial service department aims to share knowledge and expertise in robotics, automation machines, and management technology to Thai entrepreneurs to increase the ability to compete at international levels by combining science and engineering knowledge with research and fieldwork to give direct and effective solutions. Our service policies are:

  1. We offer to model certain mechanisms or a specific machine that is not available in the market and private companies cannot develop it.
  2. We offer to model certain mechanisms or a specific machine which is not available in the market but a private company can develop it with very high costs.
  3. We offer services for projects related to Thailand’s stability and safety.

Projects to Increase Efficiency of Manufacturing Process

  • Palletizer and Automatic packing systems
  • Food and beverage Automation
  • HDD Automatic fabrication and assembly systems
  • Hazardous Operation handling platforms
  • Autonomous Guidance Vehicles : AGV

Field Robotics Projects

  • Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles : ROV
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : UAV
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • In-Pipe Inspection Robots
  • Military Rescue Robots
  • Public Relation Robot : PRR

Projects with IT, Robot, and Automation Integration

  • EMSs (Emergency Medical Service system)
  • Large scaled management systems
  • Internet of things
  • Enterprise Resource Planning : ERP
  • National IT Strategy and Security
  • Defence Technology

Strategy and Technology Policy Management Projects

  • Strategies for Manufacturing Automation System
  • National Robotics Strategy