Philosophy, Vision, and Mission - Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO)
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Philosophy, Vision, and Mission


FIBO’s Fundamental Belief:

Respect and facilitate individuals, especially those who exhibit non-conventionally disruptive creativity, balancing personal excitement and societal success.

FIBO’s Principle:

Effectiveness converts human intelligence, imagination and knowledge to tangible results.

FIBO’s Management Policies and Missions:

– Get the right things done right, although there is no support and/or whole ground against FIBO.
– Value the failure and honor the successes. Every noble works is at first impossible and dry.
– Do not economize and compromise on quality.
– Enable harmonious flow among comforts, achievement and dreams of all people involving within FIBO.


In 5 years (within the year 2019)

The institute aims to be a leading institute in ASEAN who provides a robust robotics and automation education to produce innovations that upgrade the tech solutions.

In 15 years (by 2029)

The institute aims to achieve excellence in robotics and automation technology at international levels, to share the same standard as international research institutions, and facilitate the development of sustainable technology business.


– To produce outstanding graduates with knowledge in robotics and automation to meet the demand for robot technology development.
– To Develop robotic technology, and practice as a tool to increase the country’s competitiveness and cooperate with foreign institutions.
– To achieve international standards in education and researches.