Pipe Inspection Robot - Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO)
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Pipe Inspection Robot

Researcher(s) :

  • Asst.Prof.Dr. Thavida Maneewarn
  • Wasin Kaowumpai
  • Roongrote Wangkieta
  • Thodsapron Bunthae
  • Satit Thepprathankit
  • Komkrit Thipgesorn
  • Thanniti Khunnithiwarawat


For :

  • Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd. (REPCO) 

picture industrial work 2012

Currently, one of the responsibilities of Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd. (REPCO) is to monitor and inspect pipeline in the industry. The company will work with the staff to monitor all areas. This can be considered as a risk work. In particular, the group with pipe lying across the street near high voltage power lines, so REPCO wishes to find solution to help in the work. Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) has recognized the possibility of using robots instead of human.

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